Nokian NTR 32 is a reliable front tyre for trucks and buses for long and medium haul. It can also be used on trailers.

All-year use

Nokian NTR 32 has M + S marking and it features a special rubber compound for all-year use. Its wide zigzag-shaped grooves offer excellent grip, and the wear pattern is even for a long service life. Low rolling resistance saves fuel and environment.

Sturdy and quiet

Nokian NTR 32 features reinforced sidewall (size 275/70R22.5) to protect the tyre from curb abrasion. This increases service life in city buses. The tyre noise is pleasantly low.

Wear indicator

The Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) indicates groove depth. The numbers stamped on the tread show the remaining groove depth in millimetres. The numbers fade, one at a time, as the tyre wears down.

  • Low rolling resistance, low tyre noise
  • Even wearing
  • Wide zigzag-shaped grooves for good grip
  • Reinforced sidewall in size 275/70R22.5
  • Driving Safety Indicators (DSI)

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