Efficient container handling requires control and stability. Nokian HTS G2 E-4 tires do their part in increasing the terminal throughput. Thanks to its innovative tread design, Nokian HTS G2 E-4 has a low heat build-up that reduces rolling resistance and fuel consumption.

  • The Nokian HTS G2 E-4 tire features supported blocks with chamfered edges that improve turning properties.
  • In great reaching heights, the tire stability is an important safety feature. The Nokian HTS G2 tires have all-new carcass material that improves the tire stability on the flexing area.
  • The block-patterned Nokian HTS G2 E-4 tire has a very low heat build-up, so even the longest working days and hottest weathers will not stop these tires. Cool tread also delivers record-breaking operating hours.