Nokian Hakka Truck 844 trailer tyre has been designed to operate flawlessly even under demanding conditions. Its new structure enables excellent mileage and good wear resistance. Nokian Hakka Truck 844 is especially designed for use on trailers, but it also works well as a front tyre.

For all seasons

Nokian Hakka Truck 844 is designed for all-season long and medium distance transport, and it also works well under winter conditions. It is the first trailer tyre in this size on the market with both the M+S marking and the snowflake symbol, signifying official winter tyre approval.

Durability by design

The new belt structure gives the Nokian Hakka Truck 844 trailer tyre optimal surface pressure. This ensures even wear and excellent mileage. The Spiral Sipe System maintains the correct stiffness of the tread pattern even as the tyre wears down.

Clean grooves

Stone ejectors in the main grooves reduce stone trapping. This reduces the penetration of sharp rocks into the tyre, prolonging its operating life. Other road users will also be happy, as the number of rock projectiles is reduced.

Quiet and safe

Nokian Hakka Truck 844 has a low rolling resistance, which reduces fuel costs and ensures silent running. The Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) indicates in numbers how many millimetres of tread there is left on the main grooves of the tyre.

Also for retreading

The Nokian Hakka Truck 844 has excellent retreading capabilities, which increases the usability of the casing and reduces the overall costs. The Nokian Hakka Truck 844 tread pattern is also available in the durable Nokian Noktop 44 retreading material.

  • Year-round use on trucks and trailers
  • Economic choice on main roads
  • Even tyre wear
  • Driving Safety Indicator (DSI)

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