High performance in transits and road transport plays a major role in tractor contracting work, while all-terrain mobility and effective power transfer to the ground are a must on fields and work sites. Nokian Ground King tire offers both, and therefore supports the versatility of multipurpose machines.

  • All-terrain mobility combined with comfort

Nokian Ground King tire includes the HybrilugTM technology, which combines the best features of lug and block patterns, offering all-terrain mobility and traction combined with high level comfort and precise handling response on road transports.

  • Long-lasting performance

Nokian Ground King tire utilizes high-grade, wear resistant tread compound in the pattern which offers extended ground contact area compared to the standard traction pattern. This results in excellent operating hours even in extensive on-road use.

  • High load-bearing capacity for more diverse work

Besides offering 2-in-1 benefits, Nokian Ground King tire has high load-bearing capacity that allows the use of heavy work implements and high loads. This all-round performance further expands the diversity of the tasks you can tackle with Nokian Ground King.