The timber must be harvested without damaging the forest soil – even in the most demanding of conditions. The Nokian Forest King TRS 2+ tire is designed to provide the widest possible ground contact and superb traction without tracks as well as improved support for chains and tracks. The tire has improved stability due to a 24PR bias structure. The Nokian Forest King TRS 2+ tires are also very resistant to cuts, punctures and track abrasions thanks to strong shoulders and steel fortification.

  • Sturdy and stable

Nokian Forest King TRS 2+ has extra rubber on the shoulder area, making it more cut and puncture resistant. What’s more, the tire is protected with steel reinforcements. The tire’s shock and swing absorbing bias structure makes it a steady foundation for harvesting operations.

  • Traction without chains and tracks

Nokian Forest King TRS 2+ tires feature sharp rib edges, extra wing bars and wide contact area to maximize grip even on demanding terrains without chains or tracks – with minimal damage to the soil.

  • Care-free track use

Nokian Forest King TRS 2+ is designed to give excellent support for tracks. Tire’s deep tread pattern with track grooves and extra wing bars create optimal surface for track contact, minimizing track slipping and tire damage.