Recommendations and instructions

Operational range

You can download Nokian Noktop treads recommendations.

Storage instructions

Treads must be stored in cool (15 - 20 °C), dry and dust-free premises where heat levels are uniform. Materials must be protected from daylight. In particular, it must be ensure that they are not exposed to sunlight. Storage in the proximity of heating radiators should be avoided. Materials that are exposed to cold temperatures during transport will become rigid. Their characteristics will return to normal once they have been kept in room temperature for long enough (20 °C or higher).
Materials should be stored in such a way that they are not dented, and they must be stored in their original packing prior to use. Treads that have been in storage for over a year must be reglued. Cushion gum must be used within four months of manufacture. Official regulations must be complied with when storing adhesives. Adhesives must be used within six months of manufacture. Walter-dilutable tyre paint must not be allowed to freeze.