New Range: Nokian R-Truck

The road ends, the work continues

Sometimes your tires must work in two totally different worlds – on a fast highway as well as on a rocky construction site or a muddy forest road. Nokian R-Truck is a complete line of truck tires for on and off-road use, combining good highway properties with grip, sturdiness and self-cleaning needed in off-road work.

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Peace of mind in both worlds

The Nokian R-Truck product line is designed with safety and reliability in mind. Their casings are made with high-quality materials and their innovative tread patterns combine good grip on soft surfaces with excellent mileage. This ensures your peace of mind both on and off-road.

All-season use

All Nokian R-Truck tires are suitable for year-round use. The tires can be mounted in the warmest summer time but on the other hand, the tires carry the 3PMSF approval, making them suitable for winter conditions.


Low rolling resistance helps to save fuel, while good mileage reduces overall tire costs. Nokian R-Truck tires are also suitable for retreading.

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All-new design

With their non-directional pattern design, open tread pattern with big tread blocks and modern looks, Nokian R-Truck line represents the latest in tire design.


Cuts and punctures are a constant risk on earthmoving and construction sites. Nokian R-Truck tires have an excellent puncture resistance for the toughest of conditions.

Heavy Stories

“We drive about 9 kilometers downhill when we descend 1205 meters below ground level. The empty truck may have been slipping in the past, but the Nokian R-Truck holds”

Tomi Tauriainen

Tomi Tauriainen is responsible for Maakasi Oy's blasted stone hauling vehicles in the Orivesi mining site in Finland. The company has been testing Nokian R-Truck tires and equivalent Noktop treads for three years.

Tauriainen has noticed a clear improvement especially with the grip: "We drive about 9 kilometers downhill when we descend 1205 meters below ground level. The empty truck may have been slipping in the past, but the Nokian R-Truck holds."

The ground can be rocky and sharp on the construction site. Besides grip, the wear, puncture and cut resistance are the most essential properties of a tire (according to Tauriainen). “Overall, with these features, Nokian Tyres defeats its competitors.”

Tauriainen recommends the tire for dump trucks for mining, tunneling and crushing sites – but also for road transport: "In some cases, 30 kilometers on-road driving may be too much for mining tires – which might not have been even approved for on-road driving. The Nokian R-Truck, on the other hand, is also suitable for the road."

At home on all surfaces

Truck and trailer tires for demanding on and off-road use

The Nokian R-Truck range has a complete selection of truck tires for steer and drive axle as well as trailer use. Mud, snow or sand, their open tread pattern and wide grooves ensure good self-cleaning and grip. The whole Nokian R-Truck range boasts special cut-resistant rubber compound and low heat build-up, which means they wear evenly and keep their good properties throughout the tire lifetime.

Nokian R-truck Steer tire
Nokian R-truck Drive tire
Nokian R-truck Trailer tire

Nokian R-Truck Steer

Designed for year-round use on steer axles on on/off road and timber trucks, Nokian R-Truck Steer excels in tough conditions. The stone ejectors in its main grooves prolong the operating life especially on rough surfaces.

Nokian R-Truck Drive

An all-season drive axle tire designed for on/off road trucks operating in demanding conditions and various surfaces. Its tread has large blocks that offer durability and reduce chipping and tearing in challenging environments.

Nokian R-Truck Trailer

A reliable choice for demanding year-round trailer use, Nokian R-Truck Trailer is optimized for demanding on and off-road and timber trailer use. Its main grooves have stone ejectors that reduce the risk of tire damage.

Technical specifications

Description LI/SS RRC class Wet class Noise dB Noise waves Product code
315/80R22.5 R-TRUCK STEER 156/150K C B 70 1 T675238
385/65R22.5 R-TRUCK STEER 160K T675239 1)
315/80R22.5 R-TRUCK DRIVE 156/150K D B 75 2 T675235
385/65R22.5 R-TRUCK TRAILER 160K C B 74 2 T675234

1) Coming in 2018

Tread depth indicator

Tread depth indicator

Cut and crack resistant

Cut and crack resistant

Stone ejectors

Stone ejectors



Mud and snow

Mud and snow