Heavy magazine

Heavy 1/2013 - "Rolling towards test victories"
Newest Heavy magazine goes straight to the core of testing at Nokian Heavy Tyres. The testing centres in Nokia and Ivalo ensure that product development serves the interests of customers under all conditions. » Read more
Heavy 1/2012 - Goes under demanding conditions
The latest Heavy magazine from Nokian Heavy Tyres focuses on those areas with the highest customer demands. Many worksites have special conditions, with professionals working as well, and as efficiently, as possible. » Read more
Heavy 2/2011 - "All-star team"
With its heavy tyres, the Heavy magazine rolls lightly around the world. We went to different countries to hear what hard-working professionals think of tyres as part of their demanding work processes. » Read more
Heavy 1/2011 - ”No use in re-inventing the wheel”
Creative ideas bring a new boost to our work and leisure time! Most importantly, just thinking up new ideas cheers us up. Nokian Heavy Tyres' latest Heavy magazine opens up fresh and new views to creativity. Creativity can be found in machine cabins and on product developers' desks as well as in a machinery rental company!  » Read more 
Heavy 2/2010 - "Success comes from the field"
What makes you successful? What do you need to succeed? Reliable, high-quality tools ensure the flawless progress of work: but the true recipe of success is based on the right attitude and well-set goals. » Read more
Heavy 1/2010 - ”The right attitude and mindset are the keys to success”
The everyday work of a contractor, future challenges in machine manufacture, the passion to develop better and better products. Revamped down to a new name, this customer magazine digs even deeper into the worlds of special tyre users and developers. Heavy finds and features interesting people and partners. It depicts opinions and experiences from around the world. » Read more